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Your wedding day only unfolds once. We place the highest value on reflecting your unique love story so you can relive your day and remember every wonderful emotion you experienced as if it were just yesterday.

The most common input we hear from brides and grooms after their wedding is “I feel like it went so fast.” That’s why we integrate slow motion to make it feel like that day could last forever. Those moments you never get back, but you can relive them through our wedding films. Each smile we catch, every embrace we capture, is another piece of your love story. It is our passion to tell your story in such a unique and heart warming way - through the power of music. In our experience, this allows you to become even more fond of each other with every viewing of your wedding video. We create visual masterpieces showcasing your love for one another.

To the brides in these films, your love inspires us to continue doing what we do. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to share your love story with friends and family. To the brides we have yet to work with, we can’t wait to tell your unique love story to relive again and again. When you choose Mangione Studios, you’re choosing forever quality.